An Example to learn from...

If you're like me, when you see a coupon for something that is FREE you want to jump on it and get as many as you can!  Well, it's not always a money saving idea!!  For example:

Nice 'N Easy was offering coupons for a completely FREE box of hair color.  I was so excited, but quickly realized that I could only get ONE of those coupons and, therefore, would not really "save" me any money, but could actually COST me extra money in the long run!  Many years ago I made a conscious decision to love my hair color!  It was difficult, but I did it!  I quit putting harsh chemicals in my hair to make it something other than what God intended for it to be!  It took quite a long time to grow out all of the different colors and curls, but eventually it happened!  So, when I got this coupon for the FREE hair color I went right out and found the hair color so I could get this awesome freebie!  While I was in the store looking for a color that is NOT my natural hair color, I was reminded of how very, very long it took me to get all of the color out of my hair so many years ago.  I decided to get a color that closely matches my natural color.  Now, it sits on my bathroom counter and, as of today, I have decided not to use it at all.  What if it doesn't match my color exactly?  What if I have a different color "roots" in a few weeks?  Then, I would have to go out and purchase more hair color and keep doing it every 6 weeks or so until... 
So... there's a good, logical reason to NOT use a freebie coupon! 

Learning as I go,
Melanie :)

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