Some things I have learned about "couponing" in my first FROOGAL month:
1. GAS is very expensive, so plan your outings ahead of time.  It's best to only shop once a week (or less) and plan to go to each store while you're out.
2. If you have to BUY a coupon, insert, or a newspaper to save a dollar or's not worth it!  Print coupons online ONLY for the items that you have already put on your list to purchase!  One exception is that if you are going to get an item for free!  If the FREE item is not something that your family would normally use, consider donating the item to a local charity.  If that's not possible, DON'T GET IT!  It's a waste of money and time.
3. Print your coupons in increments of THREE.  This way you get the most out of your printer ink and paper.
4. Budget your grocery/HBA money weekly or monthly and DO NOT go over the budget just because you have a coupon!

I will be posting more as I learn the best ways to be FROOGAL.  Thanks for listening!

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