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One of the main things that I have struggled with since I started using coupons is the way that I file/organize my coupons!  I go back and forth about how I think I should do it.  Then, it usually turns out to be a HOT MESS because I switch from clipping and filing in a binder to NOT clipping....then, I always end up going back to the binder, leaving me with several weeks worth of coupons to "catch up" on....UGH!!  But, one fact always remains the same:  I want to save myself as much time as possible because time is valuable!

So, one of the first things that I have resolved to accomplish in 2012 is to save myself time with my coupons!  Let's face it, most people who coupon do not have the time that I do to spend with these coupons.  My heart's desire is to teach young families in my church to effectively save money for their family.  Many of those young ladies are moms that work full time jobs.  It's going to be necessary for them to spend very little time doing this or they will not be able to accomplish their goals.

With the first set of inserts that came out this year I began a spreadsheet in Excel of every coupon that I have in my possession.  This seems like a lot of time for some people, but I have an extensive background in Excel, so this made the most sense for me.  You may have training in a different area that will make more sense for you!  I believe we are to use any and all God-given talents and gifts to the best of our ability.  So, with that said:  even if I have a bunch of coupons left unclipped, I will still have my list to go by so no sale slips through the cracks!  After all, if you're going to spend money obtaining coupons, you must make the most of them each and every week!

I would love to hear how you clip, file, or organize your coupons and WHY it works best for you!  Please share your God-given talents and gifts with us, so that we can all learn from your handiwork!  Thank you and God Bless!

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