Introducing..... FrooCLIPity!!!!

FrooCLIPity is a "clipped coupon" site where you will find everything you need at great prices!  This is especially great for those that don't want to order whole inserts, or when you just need a few extra!!  There are NO MINIMUMS!  We are still working on building our database/shopping cart program - so, until that's done - please use the TOP MENU to view pricing and lists of coupons that we currently have in stock!  You many email your order with your coupon choices and quantities of each, along with your name, shipping address, phone number and PAYPAL email address to:  Thank you for your business and let us know if you don't see something from the past couple of months - we surely have that too!!  Please also notice that we are creating "Binder Kits" as well....more info to come!!  Happy Hunting!

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