Kids, Win a Nook Color from CurrClick!!

A contest for CurrClick kids! Share your homeschool advice and you could win a Color Nook, worth $249 AND get published in our anthology, “Homeschooling Advice for Moms From the Real Experts, Kids!”

There are SO MANY books written by adults and homeschool veteran parents about homeschooling. But don’t people need to know what kids think? We believe so! Send us your short essay about what your mother does best in your homeschool and you could win a Color Nook AND be published in our anthology, “Homeschooling Advice for Moms From the Real Experts, Kids!”Just submit a short essay, sharing with other Moms and families about what your mother does in your day to day homeschool experience that is unique, inspiring and makes your homeschool a wonderful one. You could become a published author or even the proud owner of a brand new Color Nook!

Hurry up and start writing! Entry Deadline is April 4th.
We will select the top 30 essays we receive for publication. Plus, the author of our very favorite essay will win a brand new Color Nook. The final published book, “Homeschooling Advice for Moms From the Real Experts, Kids!” will be available for FREE download on the Friday before Mother's Day (Friday, May 6th.) A printed version of the book will also be available for sale.

1. All essays must be written by homeschool children ages 18 and under and be written about the author’s mother or mother figure who is homeschooling them. Former homeschoolers are eligible to submit so long as they were homeschooled in the past and are not over the age of 18.
2. Ages 8 and under should write 500-1,000 words. Ages 9 and up should write 1,000-3,000 words.
3. Essays should try to take the form of an advice column. Remember, the people reading this book will want to learn from you about your positive experience with your homeschool teacher, your Mom.* What does she do that is unique, interesting and wonderful that you believe other Moms should be doing too?
4. Essays must have been proofread and spell-checked. PLEASE do not double space after your punctuation as it makes things difficult for our graphic designers. Only one space should follow every period. Essays with typographical, spelling, and/or grammatical errors will not be considered.
5. Please include a short bio about your Mother and yourself as well as catchy title for your essay. You must include your name, age, where you are from and how long you’ve been homeschooled.
6. Please attach a small jpeg picture (200 by 175 pixels) of the Mother you are writing about.
7. Essays should not be submitted in document form, but rather sent in the body of an e-mail to with the subject line reading: Advice for Moms.
All published essayists will be notified on or before Mother's Day. All authors whose essays are selected for the anthology will retain the copyright to their work. The winning essayist will receive a Color Nook and 1 printed copy of the anthology by May 16th. 2nd and 3rd place winners will also receive a printed copy. All essayists will be able to download the final book for free.
Nook Color The Ultimate Reading Experience “The Best Dedicated eReader” –The Associated Press
* Stunning 7-inch color touchscreen * Magazines & newspapers in rich color * Kids' books come alive * Over 2 million titles at your fingertips * Get social, surf the web, play games, even listen to music.
*Please note that we acknowledge and sincerely appreciate the vital and varied role that Dads contribute to homeschooling. But, this is a Mother’s Day contest. Don’t feel left out, Dads! We promise to do something for you for Father’s Day!
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